Palestinians abandon Gaza Strip crossing

January 7, 2019

After taking control of the #Gaza-Egypt border crossing in 2017, as part of a #reconciliation deal, brokered by its neighbour #Egypt, the #Palestinian Authority has now abandoned the checkpoint, thus cutting of the Gaza Strip from Egypt.


Blaming the militant group #Hamas who control #Gaza for their decision, the PA explained that their staff had been intimidated, harassed and sometimes detained by Hamas who won #parliamentary #elections in the occupied strip after ousting #Fatah from the territory.


We have yet to see if this #evacuation will once again lead to both #Israel and #Egypt, tightening their #blockades against Hamas in an effort to stop attacks against them by #Palestinian #militants only time will tell.


However, we do know how stringent the #Israeli and #Egyptian blockades of Gaza were in the past and feel certain, rightly or wrongly, that once again, major blockades will be implemented within the Gaza Strip area, we can only pray that the average person women, men and children do not suffer as much as they did during the last blockade. My thanks go to alarmy stock video for the above picture


Steve Simmonds

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