Return to the Cold War of the 1950’s, a journey through time

February 2, 2019

If you grew up in the 1950’s, you will still have vivid memories of the Cold War-era etched into your minds. All will remember the unnerving sound of the emergency sirens which sent most of us ducking for shelter under our school desks, or if we you were not at school, running for cover to find shelter in one of the so called safe, #nuclear #emergency #bunkers, all of which carried the same stench of body sweat and urine still there since the last time you sought its #sanctuary.


For most of us, unlike some people of today who tend to just debate the foolishness of #nuclearweapons it was a time where we came of age knowing and sincerely believing that maybe, it was not just another exercise but at any second #nuclearbombs would penetrate our dark and dreary tomb causing us to huddle together even more closely petrified one and all.

The #ColdWar-era had begun back in 1950, just 4 short years after the II World War had ended. The #Soviet-backed #NorthKorean People's Army invaded its pro-Western neighbor to the south, the then president of the United States, Mr. Truman sent the American military (closely followed by the United Kingdom) into #Korea, to stop communist forces from taking control of the #KoreanPeninsula.


Originally called a policing action, the confrontation was to drag on and on causing a multitude of casualties, only to end in 1953 at a stalemate.


Flash forward to 2019

Many of us who lived through the horrors of the Cold War-era would say the period really had never ended and still have concerns that the horrors of nuclear #oblivion is today far greater than it has ever been, especially now when both Russia, under the leadership of Mr. #Putin and the United States, under the leadership of Mr. #DonaldTrump, have apparently ripped up the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) sending us once more, back into the frigid atmosphere  of the Cold War-era.


Authors note: One thing is clear, the children of the 1950’s will this time, not bother to duck for cover, or run to the apparent safety of a nuclear bunker simply because we now know there is no shelter from #nuclearwar, we will just have to accept that, the only people who will survive, are the very people who brought us to this terrifying #apocalypse, our elected leaders the politicians of the world.


Steve Simmonds

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