Russia to disconnect from worldwide internet

February 11, 2019


Fearing a future cyber-war, Russia plans to disconnect from the internet before the end of this month. The planned disengagement will mean the government of Russia will be able to not only vet all information their citizens are adding to the worldwide web, but also control what sort of information international companies based in #Russia, will be able to broadcast to the world.


The new draft law named the “Digital Economy National Program” was hurried through the #Russian Parliament last year and will force all Russian companies to ensure that they can continue to function independently within the nation, even if Russia had become the victim of a massive #cyber-attack.


Critics of the proposed plan say that the Russian government is beginning to set-up domestic #mass-censorship of both its citizens and organisations, furthermore, critics are saying that deeply hidden within the new law is the ability for the Russian Government to build their own version of the net's address system, known as DNS which will not only give the Russian government vital private information, gleaned from its citizens, but will also give them the tools to keep operating their own systems in-case of a cyber-attack.


It must be said the last point made is not a bad thing, if they can keep working while under a cyber attack, then good for them, but the rest of this to me just smacks of mass #censorship.


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