Russian military intelligence agency sanctioned by EU

January 21, 2019


Following the Russian Novichok nerve agent poisonings in Salisbury England, an attack carried out by Russian military intelligence agents, the European Union, has placed severe sanctions on four Russians, including the head of the GRU, his deputy and the two agents who carried out the chemical attack.


Believed to be the first time the #EU has used its new powers created last October, allowing them to #sanction anyone believed to be connected to #chemicalweapons comes after #Moscow says the #EU or in fact no-one has any prove whatsoever proving their guilt.


Sanctions include a #ban of any travel within the EU, the freezing of all assets and bans any person or company within the EU from giving #financial aid to anyone thought to relate to the #GRU.


At the present all GRU staff including the two attackers Anatoliy Vladimirovich Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin remain in Russia mainly because Russia have no plans to #extradite them to face charges in the #UK.


A statement issued by the EU explains:


Anatoliy Vladimirovich Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin "possessed, transported and then, during the weekend of 4 March 2018, in Salisbury, used a #toxic #nerve #agent" for which the UK has charged them with attempted murder


Igor Olegovich Kostyukov, head of the GRU, and Vladimir Stepanovich Alexseyev, the deputy head, are both accused, "given his senior leadership role" to be "responsible for the possession, transport and use" of the nerve agent


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking news Hub

Credits and Sources: The Metropolitan Police for cover picture, BBC.UK and the Hague EU


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