Swimming with Crocodiles down-under

February 4, 2019


Forget swimming with #dolphins just do what any self-respecting #Australian does and swim with #Crocodiles.


If swimming with crocodiles and the odd snake or two sounds a trifle crazy to you, just spare a thought for our #Australian friends down under after Australian authorities, following torrential rain, opened the #floodgates of a huge dam, situated close to the township of Townsville.


Before I go any further, I have to say I have spent many happy times in #Australia and have seen their wonderful sense of humour in action, hence my opening paragraph knowing full well that they will also take this terrible disaster in their stride and maybe later #joke about it.


What’s happening in #Townsville must be a once in a century calamitous #flooding, it has so far caused the #evacuation of over a 1,000, and with more torrential rain forecast in the future, the flooding can only get worse, stretching the resources of local #emergency departments and even the #army who are using boats and helicopters, to move people onto higher ground.


Surreal sightings of Crocodiles have even been reported with some of them, ambling across highways as if it were the norm, one was even seen climbing a tree, obviously looking for somewhere to dry off.


The flooding so-far has affected more than 20,000 people and as mentioned above, with more rain forecasted their plight can only get worse.


Authors note: My thoughts are and always be with you, in this time of misfortune.


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