The Russian missiles which never got off the ground

February 19, 2019

Russian S-400 missiles on route to China have been damaged by a storm in the middle of the English Channel forcing the ships captain, to return to Russia in-order to disembark the damaged missiles before returning to sea once the storm subsided. Reports from the Russian government website the Rossiiskaya Gazeta suggests that no one was in any specific danger during the ships return voyage back to Russia.


The S-400 “triumph” missile is said to be one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems in the world and with a capability to hit up to 80 targets at a range of 400 km simultaneously, makes it one of the worlds most astonishing and horrifying weapons.


The aborted shipment of missiles was part of a Russian Chinese deal which would see, once deliveries have been made in full, 128 S-400 “triumph” missiles delivered by Russia to China by the end of 2020, the deal brokered between Russia and China is seen as a slap in the face for the United States who have already placed sanctions against China for buying the missiles from Russia.


China is not alone in dealing with Russia. India have ordered a minimum of 320 S-400 “triumph” missiles and Turkey, whom the United States wanted to sell its own Patriot missiles made by the Raytheon Co will also buy the missiles from Russia. It will be interesting to see if the United States will place both Turkey and India under the same sanctions as China which seem doubtful, especially following the remarks made by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said, "We made the S-400 deal with Russia, so it's out of the question for us to turn back. That's done”.


We will await in the side wings and see what the outcome is, but what is certain is that the United States of America now seems to have has a lot of egg on its face.


Related reading kindly provided by the BBC

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