Theresa May's tearful resignation speech

May 24, 2019

Theresa May has today shown the world just how dedicated she is to the will of the country.


I honestly do not care what the mumblers in the corridors of Westminster are saying at this moment-in-time. However, I do care about how this honourable lady has been treated in the halls of power.


Let's not forget Mrs May inherited a grotesque mess not only from other parties but within her own Conservative Party, (an act of relative treason fleets across my mind)


The Prime minister lets not forget was not a staunch Brexiters, but carried on relentlessly with the British public's wishes “to leave the European Union”, unlike her numbing predecessor, Tony Blair, who, when he did not get the deal he wanted just walked away without even attempting to carry out the British people's wishes.


I would be amiss not to mention her gravest confessor, Jeremy Corbyn has acted like a man besotted with power and quite frankly has used Brexit to glean for his own, not his Labour Party even more political power at the countries expense.


I do believe that history books will be rewritten to expose the power hungry and also show just how much our Prime Minister, Theresa May loved and cared about her country.



Authors note: For those of you who have stayed to the end of this short narrative, I commend you


However: If the shoe had been on the other foot, i.e., Jeremy Corbyn had been elected to power and attempted to do just half of the things Theresa May has managed to accomplish, and May had blocked every point on his agenda this article would have been printed in reverse.


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Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits: Video The Guardian

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