Trump Impeachment

January 2, 2019

As the United States Government partial shutdown enters its 11th day, is the #Democratic party, or Donald Trumps own #Republican party already formulating an impeachment plan in-order to oust the American #President and if so what does #impeachment mean?


Contrary to popular believe impeachment of an #American President does not mean that he or she is automatically removed from office, it is only a statement of charges, much similar to an indictment in criminal law.


However, it does mean that #Donald #Trump, if impeached, would then be open to possible convictions, made possible by a legislative partisan vote, from all members of the house #Republicans & #Democrats, only then would it be possible to force the US President out of office.


Authors note: The United States like many #democracy’s around the world, guard the normal #constitutional procedures by which individuals achieve high office very strongly, the impeachment of a sitting President is not taken lightly and would require what is known as a #supermajority reserved for people in high office who may have committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" while in said office.


So, with the above in-mind, the impeachment of Donald Trump will not be taken lightly by any party, thus leading us to believe that Mr. Trump, is safe in office and will probably serve out his term and, possibly run for re-election in the next presidential election, if and only if, his own #republican party wants him to do so


Steve Simmonds

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