UK Schoolchildren protest over climate change

February 15, 2019

“Save our planet” was the message thousands of #schoolchildren shouted as they marched into #Parliament Square in #London today, all had skipped school to join what has become a global wide movement demanding #governments, #worldwide to create and manage a global action plan, in-order to combat #globalwarming and #climatechange.


We here at Global Breaking News Hub applaud these young people unlike one #Downing Street spokesperson who decided to put down these very extraordinary young climate change activists with the following demeaning words. “While it was important for young people to engage with issues like climate change, the disruption to planned lesson time was damaging for pupils”.


My answer to this obviously ostentatious spokesperson is that these young people are our future and the future of our planet is there’s, they have seen the mess their elders have made of this once blue and pristine #paradise and have decided to demand action, the only way they can, by joining the thousands of youngsters in #Belgium, #Germany, #Sweden, #Switzerland and #Australia, (just to mention a few) who all have one thing in common they just want to “save our planet” and if that means missing a couple of days of school so be it.


In closing, I would urge all to join the fight against Climate Change by joining or viewing the following


Youth Strike 4 UK,

Youth Strike 4 Australia

World Global Warming


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

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