US Government shutdown creates national outrage

January 11, 2019

While President Donald Trump, mulls over if he will introduce a national emergency over his Mexican border wall, close to 800,000 federal workers, are facing their own emergency with mounting debts of at least $438 million for the month of January alone.


The reprehensible and outrageous position US Politian’s have placed their #workforce in, is in itself a national emergency and does not need pompous, self adoring #Politian’s to debate whether they should call their own #National #emergency, just to cover up their pitiful errors, which have left their own employees in such dire straights.


This is no longer a case of whether there should, or not be a wall along the #US #Mexicanborder, it is a story of a country’s leaders holding the very people who elected them into power then using that power to trample its #nationals underfoot until they submit to their supercilious and haughty ideals.


This coming Friday will become known as #BlackFriday not because of shopping deals but because it will be the pay day for federal employees, and it will be passed, without federal workers getting #salaries they so richly deserve


Authors note: People who will not be paid include prison guards, airport security screening staff, members of the #FBI and many many more.


Steve Simmonds

Global Breaking News Hub

Credits and sources: BBC.UK and Getty images

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