Victims families of the Quebec mosque attack vent their anger after sentencing

February 10, 2019

Alexandre Bissonnette, who planned and carried out the Quebec mosque shooting, an attack which killed six people two years ago, has been sentenced to life but will be able to ask for parole in 40 years, a sentence as you can see by the video below has angered the families of the victims.



Video of victim’s families protesting outside the court

Alexandre Bissonnette grew up in Cap-Rouge where neighbours say neither he or his parents (who they called model parents) had ever caused any problems in the close-nit area of Cap-Rouge. However, other people who knew him painted a much different picture of him, some even called him a far-right, white nationalist with anti-Muslim views.


The above can be borne out by the manager of a refugee-support Facebook page who said that “Bissonnette frequently denigrated refugees and feminists online”


Authors note: Only time will tell if this judgement will be repealed, but what is clear is the attack was pre planned, well thought out and it would appear on the 26th January 2017, just three days before the attack Bissonnette even  carried out a dry run of his plan, during which, he was spoken to by a member of the mosque who believed he was interested in Islam.


Steve Simmonds


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